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tv   Road to the White House  CSPAN  August 25, 2012 3:47pm-5:00pm EDT

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period of unparalleled tumult and triumph. i have seen the birth of communism and the death of communism. [applause] i have witnessed the bloody futility of two world wars, korea, vietnam and the persian gulf. i have seen germany united, divided and united again. i have seen television grow from a parlor novelty to become the most powerful vehicle of communication in history. as a boy i saw streets filled
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with model ts, as a man i have met men who walked on the moon. i have not only seen, but lived the marvels of what historians have called the "american century." [applause] yet, tonight is not a time to look backward. for while i take inspiration from the past, like most americans, i live for the future. [applause] so this evening, for just a few minutes, i hope you will let me talk about a country that is forever young. there was a time when empires were defined by land mass, subjugated peoples, and military might.
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but the united states is unique because we are an empire of ideals. [applause] for two hundred years we have been set apart by our faith in the ideals of democracy, of free men and free markets, and of the extraordinary possibilities that lie within seemingly ordinary men and women. we believe that no power of government is as formidable a force for good as the creativity and entrepreneurial drive of the american people. [applause] those are the ideals that invented revolutionary technologies and a culture envied by people everywhere.
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this powerful sense of energy has made america synonymous with opportunity the world over. and after generations of struggle, america is the moral force that defeated communism and all those who would put the human soul itself into bondage. within a few short years, we americans have experienced the most sweeping changes of this century: the fall of the soviet union and the rise of the global economy. no transition is without its problems, but as uncomfortable as it may feel at the moment, the changes of the 1990's will leave america more dynamic and
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less in danger than at any time in my life. [applause] >> reagan, reagan, reagan, reagan, reagan, reagan. >> a fellow named james allen once wrote in his diary, "many thinking people believe america has seen its best days." he wrote that july 26, 1775. there are still those who believe america is weakening, that our glory was the brief flash of time called the 20th century, that ours was a burst of greatness too bright and brilliant to sustain, that
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america's purpose is past. my friends, i utterly reject those views. that's not the america we know. we were meant to be masters of destiny, not victims of fate. who among us would trade america's future for that of any other country in the world? and who could possibly have so little faith in our america that they would trade our tomorrows for our yesterdays? i'll give you a hint. they put on quite a production in new york a few weeks ago. [applause] you might even call it slick.
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[laughter] [applause] a stone's throw from broadway it was, and how appropriate. [laughter] over and over they told us they are not the party they were. they kept telling us with straight faces that they're for family values, they're for a strong america, they're for less intrusive government. and they call me an actor. [laughter] [applause] to hear them talk, you'd never
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know that the nightmare of nuclear annihilation has been lifted from our sleep. you'd never know that our standard of living remains the highest in the world. [applause] you'd never know that our air is cleaner than it was 20 years ago. you'd never know that we remain the one nation the rest of the world looks to for leadership. [applause] >> thank you, rpm/ -- ron. >> all right, thank you.
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it wasn't always this way. we must not forget -- even if they would like to -- the very different america that existed just 12 years ago, an america with 21 percent interest rates and back to back years of double digit inflation, an america where mortgage payments doubled, paychecks plunged, and motorists sat in gas lines, an america whose leaders told us it was our own fault, that ours was a future of scarcity and sacrifice, and that what we really needed was another good dose of government control and higher taxes. it wasn't so long ago that the world was a far more dangerous place as well.
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it was a world where aggressive soviet communism was on the rise and american strength was in decline. it was a world where our children came of age under the threat of nuclear holocaust. it was a world where our leaders told us that standing up to aggressors was dangerous that american might and determination were somehow obstacles to peace. but we stood tall and proclaimed that communism was destined for the ash heap of history. [applause] we never heard so much ridicule from our liberal friends. the only thing that got them more upset was two simple words -- "evil empire."
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[applause] but we knew then what the liberal democrat leaders just couldn't figure out -- the sky would not fall if america restored her strength and resolve. the sky would not fall if an american president spoke the truth. the only thing that would fall was the berlin wall. [applause] i heard those speakers at that
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-- all right. thank you. i heard those speakers at that other convention saying, "we won the cold war" and i couldn't help wondering, just who exactly do they mean by "we?" [applause] and to top it off, they even tried to portray themselves as sharing the same fundamental values of our party! what they -- our party. but they truly don't understand is the principle so eloquently stated by abraham lincoln: "you cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
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[applause] you cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. you cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. you cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves." [applause] if we ever hear the democrats quoting that passage by lincoln and acting like they mean it, then, my friends, we will know that the opposition has really changed. until then, we see all that
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rhetorical smoke, billowing out from the democrats, well, ladies and gentlemen, i'd follow the example of their nominee. don't inhale. [laughter] [applause] all right. this fellow they've nominated claims he's the new thomas jefferson. well, let me tell you something. i knew thomas jefferson. [laughter]
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he was a friend of mine. [laughter] and governor, you're no thomas jefferson. [applause] [applause]
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all right. now let's not dismiss our current troubles, but where they see only problems, i see possibilities as vast and diverse as the american family itself. even as we meet, the rest of the world is astounded by the pundits and finger pointers who are so down on us as a nation. well, i've said it before and i'll say it again, america's best days are yet to come. [applause] our proudest moments are yet to be. our most glorious achievements are just ahead.
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america remains what emerson called her 150 years ago, "the country of tomorrow." what a wonderful description and how true. and yet tomorrow might never have happened had we lacked the courage in the 1980's to chart a course of strength and honor. [applause] thank you, ron! >> all the more reason no one should underestimate the importance of this campaign and what the outcome will mean. the stakes are high. the presidency is serious
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business. we cannot afford to take a chance. we need a man of serious purpose, unmatched experience, knowledge and ability. a man who understands government, who understands our country and who understands the world. a man who has been at the table with gorbachev and yeltsin. a man whose performance as commander in chief of the bravest and most effective fighting force in history left the world in awe and the people of kuwait free of foreign tyranny. [applause]
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a man who has devoted more than half of his life to serving his country. a man of decency, integrity and honor. and tonight i come to tell you that i, warmly, genuinely, wholeheartedly support the re- election of george bush as president of the united states. [applause] all right. ok. we know president bush. by his own admission, he is a quiet man, not a showman. he is a trustworthy and levelheaded leader who is
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respected around the world. his is a steady hand on the tiller through the choppy waters of the 90's, which is exactly what we need. we need george bush. [applause] yes, we need bush. we also need another fighter, a man who happens to be with us this evening, someone who has repeatedly stood up for his deepest convictions. we need our vice president, dan quayle. [applause]
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now it's true. a lot of liberal democrats are saying it's time for a change, and they're right, the only trouble is they're pointing to the wrong end of pennsylvania avenue. [applause] what we should change is a democratic congress that wastes precious time on partisan matters of absolutely no relevance to the needs of the
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average american. [applause] so to all the entrenched interests along the potomac the gavel wielding chairmen, the bloated staffs, the taxers and takers and congressional rule makers, we have a simple slogan for november 1992 -- clean house. [applause] for you see, my fellow republicans, we are the change! for 50 of the last 60 years, the democrats have controlled the senate.
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and they've had the house of representatives for 56 of the last 60 years. it's time to clean house. clean out the privileges and perks. clean out the arrogance and the big egos. clean out the scandals, the corner cutting and the foot dragging. what kind of job do you think they've done during all those years they've been running the congress? you know, i used to say to some of those democrats who chair every committee in the house -- "you need to balance the government's checkbook the same way you balance your own. then i learned how they ran the house bank, and i realized that
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was exactly what they had been doing! [laughter] [applause] now, just imagine what they would do if they controlled the executive branch, too! this is the 21st presidential election in my lifetime, the 16th in which i will cast a ballot. each of those elections had its shifting moods of the moment, its headlines of one day that were forgotten the next. there have been a few more twists and turns this year than in others, a little more shouting about who was up or down, in or out, as we went about selecting our candidates. but now we have arrived, as we always do, at the moment of
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truth the serious business of selecting a president. now is the time for choosing. as it did 12 years ago, and as we have seen many times in history, our country now stands at a crossroads. there is widespread doubt about our public institutions and profound concern, not merely about the economy but about the overall direction of this great country. and as they did then, the american people are clamoring for change and sweeping reform. the question we had to ask 12 years ago is the question we ask today: what kind of change can we republicans offer the american people? some might believe that the things we have talked about tonight are irrelevant to the choice.
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these new isolationists claim that the american people don't care about how or why we prevailed in the great defining struggle of our age the victory of liberty over our adversaries. they insist that our triumph is yesterday's news, part of a past that holds no lessons for the future. well, nothing could be more tragic, after having come all this way on the journey of renewal we began 12 years ago, than if america herself forgot the lessons of individual liberty that she has taught to a grateful world. emerson was right. we are the country of tomorrow. our revolution did not end at yorktown. more than two centuries later, america remains on a voyage of discovery, a land that has never become, but is always in the act of becoming.
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but just as we have led the crusade for democracy beyond our shores, we have a great task to do together in our own home. now, i would appeal to you to invigorate democracy in your own neighborhoods. whether we come from poverty or wealth, whether we are afro american or irish american, christian or jewish, from big cities or small towns, we are all equal in the eyes of god. [applause] but as americans, that is not enough, we must be equal in the eyes of each other. [applause] we can no longer judge each
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other on the basis of what we are, but must, instead, start finding out who we are. in america, our origins matter less than our destinations and that is what democracy is all about. [applause] a decade after we summoned america to a new beginning, we are beginning still. every day brings fresh challenges and opportunities to match. with each sunrise we are reminded that millions of our citizens have yet to share in the abundance of american prosperity. many languish in neighborhoods riddled with drugs and bereft of hope. still others hesitate to venture out on the streets for fear of criminal violence. let us pledge ourselves to a new beginning for them.
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let us apply our ingenuity and remarkable spirit to revolutionize education in america so that everyone among us will have the mental tools to build a better life. and while we do so, let's remember that the most profound education begins in the home. and let us harness the competitive energy that built america, into rebuilding our inner cities so that real jobs can be created for those who live there and real hope can rise out of despair. let us strengthen our health care system so that americans of all ages can be secure in their futures without the fear
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of financial ruin. and my friends, once and for all, let us get control of the federal deficit through a balanced budget amendment and line item veto a budget amendment and a line item veto for the president. [applause] and let us all renew our commitment. renew our pledge to day byay, person by person, make our country and the world a better place to live. then when the nations of the world turn to us and say,
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"america, you are the model of freedom and prosperity," we can turn to them and say, "you ain't seen nothing, yet." [applause] for me, tonight is the latest chapter in a story that began a quarter of a century ago, when the people of california entrusted me with the stewardship of their dreams. my fellow citizens, those of you here in this hall and those of you at home, i want you to know that i have always had the highest respect for you, for your common sense and intelligence and for your decency.
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i have always believed in you and in what you could accomplish for yourselves and for others. and whatever else history may say about me when i'm gone, i hope it will record that i appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears, to your confidence rather than your doubts. my dream is that you will travel the road ahead with liberty's lamp guiding your steps and opportunity's arm steadying your way. my fondest hope for each one of you and especially for the young people here is that you will --[applause]
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reagan! >> yes. milo is that you will -- my hope is that you will love your country, not for her power or wealth, but for her selflessness and her idealism. may each of you have the heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, and the hand to execute works that will make the world a little better for your having been here. may all of you as americans never forget your heroic origins, never fail to seek divine guidance, and never lose your natural, god given optimism. and finally, my fellow americans, may every dawn be a great new beginning for america and every evening bring us closer to that shining city upon a hill.
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before i go, i would like to ask the person who has made my life's journey so meaningful, someone i have been so proud of through the years, to join me. nancy. [applause] my fellow americans, on behalf of both of us, goodbye, and god bless each and every one of you, and god bless this country we love. [applause]
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>> neil armstrong died today. the first man on the moon commanded apollo 11 that landed on the moon in 1969. he was a quiet engineer who made one jury a week for mankind. to one giant leap for mankind. after heart surgery, he had complications. you can find the full story on our website at along with his acceptance of the congressional medal of honor and dedication of the building named in his honor. and look at the ground outside the national convention. this is the copy shop where events are unfolding prior to the convention in tampa. a number of protest groups are gearing up for even some of their own including women of peace holding a training session in case any of the
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participants experienced trouble on the ground. tomorrow, ron paul will hold a rally at the university of south florida. we will have live coverage starting at noon on we will pick it up at noon eastern here on c-span. the republican convention. you, we will have that tomorrow. -- the republican convention preview, we will have that tomorrow on c-span. in his weekly address, president obama defended his of ministries and plans for the future of medicare. he talked about how the health care bill improved benefits. he criticized the republican the
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voucher program. rand pual talked about america's greatness and the agenda for limited government, reducing the deficit, and creating jobs. >> over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of talk about medicare with accusations and misinformation. i want to step back and share with you some actual facts and news about the program. this week, we found out that thanks to the health care long past, nearly 5.4 million seniors with medicare have saved over $4 billion on prescription drugs. that is an average of more than $700 per person. this year alone, 18 million seniors with medicare have taken advantage of preventive care benefits that now come at no extra cost. that is progress. it means seeing ears everywhere are getting the care they need for less -- it means seniors
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everywhere are getting the care they need for less. if you have questions about the benefits you are entitled to come he can go to to find out. business is a reminder of what is really at stake when we talk about the future of medicare. it is about a promise this country made to our seniors that says if you put in a lot to my partner, you should not lose your home or life savings because you get sick. over the last 47 years, millions of americans who work for that promise. they have earned it. for many seniors, the care they have gotten to medicare has made all the difference. as the son of a single mother, was raised with the help of my grandparents. i saw how important medicare and social security were in their lives. as president, michael has been to strengthen these programs now and preserve them for future generations. it michael has been to strengthen these programs and preserve them for future directions.
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millions of americans were working hard not deserve to know the care they need will be available when they need it. as part of the affordable care at, we gave seniors deeper discounts to make sure preventive care and is free without a co-pay. we extended the life of medicare by almost a decade. i have proposed reforms that will save medicare money by getting rid of wasteful spending -- reforms that will not touch york guaranteed benefits but a single dime. republicans in congress put forward a very different plan. they want to turn medicare into a voucher program. instead of being guaranteed medicare, seniors would get a voucher to buy insurance. it would not keep up with costs. one plan would force seniors to pay an extra $6,400 a year for the same benefits they get now. it would effectively end medicare as we know it. i think our seniors deserve
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better. i am willing to work with anyone to keep improving the current system, but i refuse to do anything that undermines the basic idea of medicare as a guarantee for seniors who get sick. in america, we believe in keeping our promises -- especially to our seniors who have put in a lifetime of hard work and deserve to enjoy their golden years. that is what medicare is about. that is why we need to strengthen and preserve it for future generations. as long as i have the honor of serving as your president, that is exactly what i will do. thanks. have a great weekend. >> i am rand paul. i am proud to be an american. i am proud of our history, a founding, freedom, and economic success. i am proud of our people and our generosity. this pride is not a new revelation. i did not wake up this morning suddenly proud for the first time to be an american. i am proud of america above and
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beyond all partisan politics. i am proud to be an american whether republican or democrat is in the white house. america is the land where no man or woman is king. america is the land where liberties protected by the constitution. our liberty is in doubt to each of us by our creator. it is not enough to proclaim america's greatness. we must understand the clear principles that have created this wonderful country. we must be proud of our historic ability to create wealth, and the scum and generosity. as the president campaigns against those who have succeeded and vilifies those employs millions, he condemns the system that made america great. there is a war going on for the heart and soul of america. it is a war between those who believe in the american dream and those who cannot grasp what
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makes america great. there is a war going on between those apologize for america's success, capitalism and profit and our exceptional history, and those who would defend america has the greatest experiment in freedom and prosperity ever known. there is a battle going on for those who respect the constitution and those who would scrap it for the south african constitution. as thomas paine wrote, these of the times that try men's souls. the question is now as important as it was then. will you be sunshine patriots, gone when the going gets tough? will you stand to defend the republic our forefathers fought so diligently to leave us? this is not an idle question. the republic is under attack like no other time in our history. as a senator, i swore an oath to defend the republic against
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enemies, foreign and domestic. now that i have been to washington and seen the belly of the beast, i can tell you i have met the enemy. the enemy is us. it is not barack obama or the democrats. the media may not like this. the enemy is not gridlock. the enemy is the lifting of the treasury and 20 years of deficit spending. the enemy is the out of control, and accountable federal reserve and the devaluation of our currency the enemy is our lack of being bound by the restraints of the constitution. the court has ruled obamacare is a tax and that taxes are not limited by the powers in the constitution. this notion would offend madison and others who believe the constitution limits the powers of the federal government. whether or not government powers are limited is a significant question, not simply for those who believe in maximizing individual liberty but also for those who fear the mounting
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deficits that come from a move to the government. we have passed thousand page bills that no one has read. congress ignores their own rules to pass bills that have not been published in the dance. congress passes budgetary caps, and then completely ignores the caps. a majority of congress simply votes to deem it so. law mandates a budget be passed every year. they have not passed a budget in three years. when informed they are breaking their own rules, they laugh and vote to ignore their own rules. as we defy our constitutional bearings and seek to punish job creators, we ignore the wonderful history of where we came from and who we are paid we imperil our future and squander our children's birthrights. the president has failed to
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lead. together, we could fix entitlements, even in an election year. i have offered to work with the president. i called and written. i have offered to help him build bridges to repair our infrastructure, but i have received no answer. the president is missing in action while america flounders, the president campaigns. we deserve better. our country deserves a leader that values the work ethic and understands you did build that, if you did turn up --you did earn that. thank you, and god bless america. >> taking a look ahead, a look at the funding of the 2012 political conventions. the impact of the supreme court decisions and the impact of and a discussion of
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unregulated money in this year's campaign. all of that tomorrow on "washington journal." starting live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> i think our job -- >> she first covered candidate barack obama in 2007 and became the bloomberg white house correspondent in 2009. >> it is trying to get fair answers out of him. that is how i approach my job. i am not looking to catch him. it is really trying to get information to inform people. >> more on sunday at 8:00.
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>> mitt romney and paul ryan held a rally on friday in michigan. today they have campaign events in detroit and ohio before heading to the convention in tampa. their appearance was about 20 minutes. ♪ >> thank you. i appreciate it. [applause] ♪
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thank you, everybody. wow. what a welcome. man. this is great. look how far back this goes. wow. thank you so much for coming out and for what you are about to do. you are going to elect mitt romney the next president of the united states. [applause]
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it is great to be back home. i tell you what. i represent the western part of the western shoreline of lake michigan. you have the sand and we have the rocks. but we all come from the same place. i want to tell you something. we have a big decision to make. we are going to be deciding the kind of country we want to be, the kind of country we want to have, not just for the next four years, but for a generation. [applause] president obama has put our nation on the path of that -- debt and doubt.
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it is up to us to get this country back on the right track. that is the kind of leadership mitt romney will provide for our country. [applause] in no, the problem we have had is -- you know, the problem we have had as president obama and politicians have been more concerned about their next election than they have been about the next generation. that has to end. [applause] we need leaders. i see my buddy. you need to send him to the senate so we can turn the place around as well. [applause] we will lead.
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we will honor you, our fellow citizens, by respecting you and giving you a clear choice of two futures. we will not duck the tough issues. we will lead. we wil take responsibility. we will not try to transform this country into something it was never intended to be. we will not try to replace our founding principles. we will reapply our founding principles. [applause] you know, over the last few years, we have seen a good glimpse of what president obama thinks and believes, where he thinks the country ought to be transformed to. do you remember joe the plumber? do you remember when he said we need to spread the wealth around? it is a belief that the economic
4:38 pm
fixed. that someone else's gain comes at someone else's loss. we do not think the government should read by the pie. we want to grow the pie so everyone has their chance at the american dream. there is no other system in the history of earth that has done more to help the poor, done more to help people rise and make more of their lives than the american system of liberty and free enterprise. we do not want to replace it. we want to renew that. [applause] remember about four years ago when he was talking to donors in san francisco? he said people from states like
4:39 pm
ours, we like to cling to our guns and religion. i have one thing to say. this catholic deer hunter is guilty as charged and proud of it. [applause] that is who we are. [applause] the doozy he gave the of the day in virginia. we can all probably say it together. if you have a business, you did not build that. someone else did. no wonder our economy is where it is. no wonder 23 million americans are struggling to find work. no wonder unemployment is now above 8% for 42 months. no wonder nearly one in six
4:40 pm
americans are in poverty today, the highest rate we have seen in a generation. notion of at's government-centered society with a government-driven economy where the government picks the winners and losers, it does not work. it is not working in europe. it will not work here. the winner we need to get us back on track is mitt romney. that is why we will get this country where it needs to be. [applause] the president cannot run on his field record of leadership, so he is going to try to divide us. he will distort, distract them a demagogue, to try to get people to vote for him by default. we're not going to fall for that. neither are you. we will give the country an alternative vision. we will give the country a
4:41 pm
choice of two futures that shows exactly how we can reaffirm the american idea. that is why i am so proud to stand with this man, a man who is meeting this moment in history just as we needed to be met. the kind of leader we need is a person who has a bedrock of principles, a moral compass, a vision for the future, the ability, the experience, the character, the integrity to execute that vision. ladies and gentlemen, batman -- batman of with that experience and integrity. the man with that experience and integrity is standing next to me. his name is mitt romney. he will be the next president of united states of america. [applause]
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>> thank you. quite a guy. quite a vice president he is going to be. mitt! >> what a welcome. you have touched our hearts. what an opportunity for us to be back home to see this wonderful state, our wonderful friends. to have all been here to welcome us on friday at noon time, it was not easy getting out of work today. i sure appreciate your willingness to be here to say hi to us. it brings a tear to my eye and makes us recognize how important you feel this election is, as we do. i brought some people i am very attached to. one i have been in love with all
4:43 pm
my life, it seems. [applause] i saw ann in elementary school. i think she was in second grade when i was in the fourth grade. when she was a sophomore in high school, i noticed again. this time, i paid a lot of attention. we went to a party at a friend's home. she came with someone else. i went to him and said, i live closer to ann than you do. how about i give her a ride home for you? i gave her a ride home, and we have been going steady ever since. please say hi to my sweetheart, ann romney. [applause] >> hello, michigan.
4:44 pm
i love coming to a place where i put up my hand and everybody knows what that means. mitt and i grew up here. we fell in love here. this is a special place for us. we want to have a big w next to michigan in november. [applause] i have to say when i got on the stage, i did not appreciate how many people were here until i stood up here. i got choked up because it is amazing. [applause] it is amazing that people of michigan have not forgotten the promise of america. the promise of our fathers who made their living here. both of our fathers came here
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and made their livelihoods here. they came from nothing. we know we offer that promise to the next generation. that is why i get such a response from some many women across this nation that say to me that they are praying for me. i love that. [applause] number two, please tell mitt he has got to save the country. that is what we're here to do. we're here to save the country for your children so they can have the same promise we had as children. i feel as though we're standing on great shoulders knowing that george romney is an institution in this state. how much we love that man and how i owe so much to our life -- the powerful example he gave of service. we are standing on his shoulders today.
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we will make michigan and george romney prague. i cannot wait for you to care how mitt will lead america to a better place. thank you so much. [applause] >> she is quite a woman. she would be quite the first lady, i will tell you that. [applause] our hearts today are touched by people i know are suffering. you heard there was a shooting in new york city at the empire state building. one person was killed. others were injured. our hearts go out to those affected, the first responders, we appreciate their service and dedication. that is true all over the country. wherever first responders are needed, they are there. we love and appreciate their sacrifice and willingness to help fellow americans. [applause] the oakland county executive was in a terrible automobile accident.
4:47 pm
i am sure you have heard that. he is still in serious treatment. our prayers go to him. also, the driver of his vehicle is also seriously injured. please include those associated with the terrible automobile accident in your prayers. i love being home in this place where we were raised, where both of us were born. ann was born at henry ford hospital. i was born at harper hospital. no one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. they know this is the place we were born and raised. [applause] we went to elementary school together. we went to high school together. we were the cranbrook cranes and they were the kingsbrook aardvarks. even now, it feels like coming home to see this beautiful state
4:48 pm
and our friends. it has been quite an experience to watch my parents in their campaigns. i got to visit every county in michigan, 83 counties. i went to every county. i went to county fairs stomping for mom and dad. the people of the state responded. they did not always vote the party line. they voted for the person they thought could get michigan working again. my dad did, and i will. [applause] i have had such an extraordinary experience going across the country and seeing the passion and heart of the american people. we are patriotic. i see our sons and daughters in far off places. i have been in a rock and afghanistan when there was conflict. i have seen men and women serving our land. i appreciate those who more than self their country and love and mercy more than life.
4:49 pm
for those in the armed services and our veterans, please raise your hands and recognized. [applause] thank you. this is a time when america faces extraordinary challenges. iran is seeking to intimidate the world. the economy is threatened by global competition, by jobs that have left our shores. by technology being developed by other nations. we are competing around the world. we face extraordinary challenges. in government, politicians have been spending massively more than we have taken in. these kinds of challenges we can overcome in one way, by coming together and being united. it is time to have a president that believes in you 19 the american people and not dividing the american people. -- it is time to let president believes in uniting the american
4:50 pm
people and not dividing the american people [applause] we will soon have a convention in tampa, florida. we will not just talk about platitudes or small things. we're going to talk about these big challenges in how we will overcome them. we will talk about the soul of america, what makes this country exceptional. we will do everything in our power to bring people together to understand our way forward is the only way that will create strength and prosperity for all americans, for the richest and poorest, and everyone in between. [applause] this president tried. i am convinced he tried. i think he was headed in the wrong direction. i saw someone that said -- that
4:51 pm
had a sign that said "for more years. do you want four more years of record numbers of foreclosures and declining home values? do you want four more years of trillion dollar deficits? do you want four more years of small businesses finding it hard to hire people? do you want four more years of government becoming more intrusive in your lives and businesses? i do not want four more years of what we have. do you? i want to get america on a different track, a tract of greatness and prosperity. i know how to do it. i have learned it by watching the great leaders in america's past. the founders of this country had it right. when they look at america, they recognized what would make this nation powerful was not a
4:52 pm
government or a king or advisers in washington that would tell us how to live our lives, what to make, how to make it. instead, by letting individuals pursue happiness in their own ways, we would create the most powerful country in the history of the earth. it is the free american people that make america the nation it is, not government. [appuse] paul just said a moment ago. he said something the president said. is the most famous line of his presidency so far. it is so revealing. he said if you have a business, you did not build it. someone else did that. it revealed something about his views and perspectives on america that is unusual and a
4:53 pm
departure from america's founding principles. the founders understood that individuals pursuing their dreams are what makes our country go. they recognize our rights came from the creator and not from government. [applause] those rights included life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. i have gone across the country and met people who did build their businesses. i met people who got promotions at work and did earn the promotions themselves. i met a young people made the honor roll. i have met people --i met boy scouts about the eagle scout award, and they did accomplish those things themselves. government did not give it to them. we are in a nation which is found on the principle of individual liberty and greatness. we recognize the spark of divinity in every single human being. we celebrate achievement and accomplishment. this idea that government knows
4:54 pm
better than free people how to lead america is simply wrong, so we're going to take america on a course which is consistent with that set by the founders. we will keep america the shining city on a thief hill -- on the hill. [applause] a there are five things that paul and i are going to do, five things that will get this economy going. i want to see michigan taking off again with huge job growth and rise in take-home pay. i appreciate the work being done by your governor. he is making michigan once again a friendly place for small business and entrepreneurs and innovators. i want to take some of the things he is doing and put them in place in washington by doing five things. number one, we agreed to take advantage of our energy resources and in north america energy-independent. [applause]
4:55 pm
we have coal, 250 years of it, natural gas that is cheap, oil, nuclear, wind, solar. we're going to take advantage of those energy resources, and that will create three million to four million jobs, 1 million in manufacturing. number two, we're going to make sure that our people have the skills they need to succeed, that we have the right kind of training programs for our adults. and we have finally fixed our schools and put the kids first, teachers first, and the unions behind. [applause] number three, we're going to have trade that works for america. look, a trade is good for us. it creates jobs. it helps raise incomes. opening up new markets in latin america, really expanding their. for will be good
4:56 pm
one thing i want to make sure we also do -- that is when people cheat like china has been cheating, will crack down on them and not let it continue. [applause] number four, you're not going to get entrepreneurs to take their life savings to open a business or get a business that decides to build a new facility here in michigan or somewhere else in this country or maybe even a big foreign company who comes here to build a big research center unless they know we're not going to become greece or italy or spain. they want to know that america is willing to deal with our financial issues, so i will do something politicians have talked about for a long time and paul ryan has shown the courage to do -- as are going to work hard to find america to a balanced budget by cutting the deficit and getting it to zero. [applause] number five, i am going to
4:57 pm
champion small business. i want to help entrepreneurs and innovators to build their businesses and add more jobs. 65% of the jobs created in the last 15 years in america were created by small business. i want to help these small businesses. right now, the president wants to raise the tax on small business from 35% to 40%. that would kill jobs. do not raise taxes on any american. keep our taxes competitive, get them down. make small business the driving engine of economic growth. that is number one on small business, taxes but also for small business, we have to make sure that regulations are up to date and that regulators see their job as encouraging small business, not crushing it. big companies are usually able to deal with all the regulations because they have hundreds of lawyers, but small business cannot. we have to get regulations pared down to size for small business. number three, that big cloud has been hanging over small businesses -- we have got to
4:58 pm
repeal and replace obamacare with something that gets the cost of health care under control. [applause] if we do those things from those five things, energy, skills to succeed, education, opening up new markets and cracking down on the cheaters in trade, finally getting ourselves to a balanced budget and an opening an era of encouraging small business -- we do those five things and you are going to see america come charging back economically. we are on because but -- we are on the cusp of an economic rebound of the world will be surprised with what they see in america and in michigan. we can compete with anybody in the world. we will compete. we will win. [applause] and by the way, if we do those
4:59 pm
five things, we will create 12 million jobs and finally see a


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